Target group

The main target group consists of 5-20 people, both in Lesvos and Sicily, that identify themselves within the definition of the ‘lost generation’: young people that are struggling in record numbers to find work, leave home, and start a family. Namely, people that are unemployed (or at risk of), that lack of self-confidence in their skills or talents, that are facing the challenges of today’s job market.

The Bridge Project aims to connect the community at large, within the inhabitants of the single islands and between the 2 islands; Therefore, there is the will to include everyone who wants to participate to the construction of the Bridge during the workshops.

The goal of The Bridge Project is to foster participants’ soft and hard skills, boost their attitude and self-confidence, reinforce an interdisciplinary exchange and spread the web of connections and networking possibilities.

PUSH and CREATIVE HUB will start the process of contacting and attracting people from the main target groups through their existing networks of associations, NGO’s, and local communities. Later, it will be part of the The Bridge Project ’s mission to enlarge the engagement of people through different channels built by the participants to the workshop.