The concept

Lesvos and Sicily have a lot in common; the two Mediterranean islands geographically disconnected from the mainland shared a past of conquests, dominations, and civilization-clashes that enriched their territories and expanded their horizons. They are sharing the challenges of the Present connoted by the economic crisis, challenges of migration and high rate
of youth unemployment, as well as an image of the Future made of rising walls around Europe, closed borders and ports.

This project opposes this idea of the future with rising walls by building bridges instead. Literally. We are going to build a bridge between Sicily and Lesvos.

The physical construction of the Bridge will never happen; it’s a Fictional Game that serves to encourage people to be bold and ambitious, to have a common goal to look forward to and to explore the generating power of their collective wisdom and imagination. By aiming for the radical, the less radical turns into something quite rational, such as taking part in the labour market, taking a step towards entrepreneurship or simply to believe more in their skills and potential. The project is a pioneering approach that tackles the need for social innovation of the communities around the world.