The Press Project consists in a “construction workshop” that will happen in Palermo and in Mytilene. The activities performed in the two workshops have a common structure and involve the main target groups. The aim of the project is to foster the communication, exchange, creativity, confidence and coordination of the participants in the process of building the Bridge. The workshops are based on horizontal skill-development that will allow them to autonomously organize the next workshops that consist in more technical and thematic appointment such as: masterclasses of professionals, themed workshops (fundraising, design, materials, communication), design sprints, management skills, co-creation workshops and more.

At the end of the first workshop, the participants will be ready to take the leadership of the whole project and continue it with the purpose of commonly acquire additional skills and confidence. We will accompany the journey as external supporters and advisors. The workshops will be filmed and one of the final outcomes of The Press Project is a short documentary (or mockumentary) of the process as part of the group activities. The documentary, ideally co-created by 2 young directors from Sicily and Lesvos, will present the results of the experiment to a broader audience.